Is casual sex, FWB, etc ruining dating?

You create a profile, pick pictures, answer all the questions and say exactly what you are looking for, yet you get married people, the people just looking for a hook up or a 20 something that wants an experienced woman. It is all so mentally draining (yes I have said this over and over). I wonder if with everyone so busy with children, career and life in general, if many have turned to casual sex or friends with benefits, rather than traditional dating, as they don’t want to put the time and effort into a traditional dating. I am a busy woman, I have two young adult children, work 45 hours a week and attend college three nights a week and yes I don’t have much time. I need someone who understands this and also that my children come first and always will. I am not interested in someone who is married and looking for an affair, not looking for the guy that just wants a booty call, etc. I want someone to take a walk with, go to dinner or a movie with, someone to go out with or stay in with on a Saturday night, someone for a weekend getaway, someone to not to just be my plus one. I am willing to put my limited time and effort into dating and finding that special someone. I am sure we can all relate to this, you meet a guy for a walk or coffee and spent a couple of your precious hours talking with him and you seem to really hit it off, he even asks or makes plans to see you again and then either you never hear from him again or he slowly fades away. You even go on many dates with the same person, hide your profile on the dating site and think this is going good and then the good morning texts stop, then the mid day texts stop and then the good night texts and then its several days before you hear from him again and before you know it you never hear from him again. Really are we adults here? Why can’t they just say, sorry I am no longer interested, or I met someone I think is prettier, better body, etc., say something rather then nothing at all. Oh then a couple of weeks or months later you get a text from them asking you how you are. I will admit I am guilty in the past of answering that text, talking to them and even on occasion seeing them again. And then it happens again, they met someone else or for whatever reason they are gone again. Some even come back several times. Lets face it, you are just filling a void in their lives for the moment and maybe they are filling a void in your life for the moment. If they were truly interested in you, they would have never faded away the first time. I get that life happens and sometimes things come up, as I myself have had to fly to Florida and be with my mom who was very sick, but it takes two whole seconds to send a text and say sorry had a family, work or whatever emergency and will be in touch when I can. Sometimes even you may have even become overwhelmed between the kids, work and life. Why can’t people be honest? I am not interested in someone that is looking to date many people at once, to be honest I don’t have the time or the energy for that. I don’t need someone that I see every week, but someone that is in touch, as communication is key. When I say communication, it’s a two-way street! I have had guys that want to know where I am going, who I am going with, how long I will be out, etc., yet they offer no details and answer no questions about their day to day lives. I am an open book, but when I say I am meeting a friend for coffee, I am meeting a friend for coffee, it is not code for I have a date, as if I had a date I would say so. And the whole exclusive thing, men don’t want to talk about it, yet want a woman to be exclusive with them, but don’t feel they need to be exclusive with her. And I am sure there are women out there that are the same way men as some men. I can’t totally give up on finding that special someone, but for now I am not very hopeful. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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