Can we start as friends and become more?

So many reach out and chat and sometimes even get to the point of exchanging numbers and then that’s as far as it goes, endless texts. You hint that you are going to a park or somewhere for a walk and nothing. Are some so clueless, afraid to meet worried the person will not like them, is it safer to have a phone relationship? I have heard over and over from both men and women that they are so sick of the rejection, games, etc. There are the people who start off with “I don’t want anything serious, lets keep it fun” translation in my opinion, I am afraid of getting hurt, so if I act like I don’t care then I don’t get hurt. Then there is the people who right away put you in the friend zone, they say they want to just be friends, they aren’t ready for a relationship or taking a break from dating. You talk or text every day, really get to know each other and you get use to the daily conversation with them. You even go to dinner, movies, coffee, hang out, as “friends”. You feel more than friendship over time and maybe they do too, but you are afraid to cross that line and do or say something, to ruin what you have, make things awkward or lose them all together. Then one night you don’t hear from them, and then WHAM, there it is, they tell you they met someone and they really hit it off and that person wants a relationship like they do. You scratch your head and wonder, why not me, why when they were ready why didn’t they choose me. You wonder if you should have said something, would it have made a difference. Now along with the what if’s swirling around in your head, you are missing that companionship and constantly look at you phone hoping to see a message from them. You wonder do I miss them or their companionship. Did they fill a void for a period of time or did you have true feelings for them. Then you listen to them tell you how wonderful he or she is and you secretly are hoping the next call will be that they are done with that person. So many say the best relationship start as friendships, but are we so afraid of ruining a great friendship, losing them forever if it didn’t work, but is it really the same as it was? And if you do get the nerve to ask them, they say “oh you are great and have everything I would be looking for in a relationship if I was looking” Really, yet over time you listen to them complain about their relationship and wonder are they staying in it because its easier than looking for someone new. So many questions dance in your head and at times you want to say, you could have had me, you can still have me, but you don’t. Can we go back to being friends if the relationship doesn’t work out or will we lose them forever? Fear is so powerful over us! PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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