Even if the timing isn’t right is it wrong?

Is it possible to meet the right person at the wrong time? You meet someone and connect, emotionally, spiritually and physically, yet you are at different places in life and want different things. You keep in touch and over time become best friends. You meet someone as do they, but then you realize that over time you may have fallen in love with them. Then you aren’t with anyone and the two of you go to dinner. At the end of the night they kiss you and tell you how turned on they are by you. They are still dating the same person. You wonder should you cross that line again, are they going to end their relationship and pursue something with you. They tell you the timing just isn’t right. You continue as friends, yet that attraction is still there, but you suppress it. You meet someone else and they see you with the person you are dating and tell you how attracted to you they are. It isn’t in your nature to cheat, as your ex husband ignored you in the bedroom for over three years and you didn’t cheat. You both flirt, meet for lunch and kiss again. This time you plan a weekend away, as part of you is curious and part of you wonder what will become of it, after all these years. You do something you have never done before, you lie to the person you are with and plan your weekend away with your friend. You are nervous, wonder if it will really happen and wait for them to cancel which never happens. You meet, have dinner, drinks, great conversation and go back to the room. You are so nervous, your legs are shaking and you feel like you will collapse. Then it happens, you kiss, the clothes come off and when it’s over, you have had the most amazing sex you have ever had before. Not only did you have the most amazing sex, but the most amazing night of your life. You say good-bye in the morning and plan for it to happen again, yet it doesn’t seem it will. Then a year later your relationship is falling apart, seems to be ending and you get the impression theirs is too. You go to dinner, then back to your place and again have the most amazing sex. You two seem to connect on so many levels. When they hold you it just feels so right. You start to spend more time together, talk more and share so much. They tell you that you two are still just friends, as it has always been about timing with the two of you, yet all you hear is the possibility of more. Their relationship ends and you think this is my chance, but no they get back together yet again. You cut all chat that goes beyond friendship and make it clear all you are is friends. It stays that way for a while, then there it is, an invitation. You say I can do this, I will be strong and not cross the line. The minute you see him you begin to melt. You have dinner, drinks, great conversation and back to the room. And in your head you are thinking nothing is going to happen. You didn’t even wear matching bra and panties, you actually wore an old beige bra. You didn’t shave your legs either, that’s how sure you were nothing was going to happen. Next thing you know the two of you are kissing. You remember what an amazing kisser they are and next thing you know you are in the bedroom having amazing sex. You decide why not, why can’t you continue like this, you aren’t the one cheating, they are. Is it wrong to continue meeting, having a great time with someone who is not only your best friend, someone who you enjoy their company and you have amazing sex with? They say life is short, live in the moment, etc. Are you wrong? Are you hurting anyone or just the other person is hurting the person they are with? Am I wrong for being with someone that wants to be with me? If I was in a relationship then it would be wrong, but I am not. I struggled with this for so long and now decided I deserve to do what makes me happy and enjoy myself. If I meet someone and enter into a relationship, well then it would be wrong to continue. I am sure some would disagree with me, but as I always say, no one has the right to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do or what does or doesn’t make me happy. As I don’t have the right to tell anyone what to do or what makes them happy. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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