Are we all jaded?

Are we all so jaded by the online dating sites? Past relationships? Or just people in general today? Why is it I can write to ten guys and not one will answer me, yet I can get ten emails from guys in different states, willing to relocate for me, someone they have never talked to or met? How is that a guy can look at a picture of me, never talk to me and decide he isn’t interested? Yes I have some weight to lose, but whether I do or don’t lose the weight I am still the same beautiful person inside and out. I wonder all the time, as do friends of mine, both men and women, that are on the dating sites, why not me? Why didn’t they answer me? What is wrong with me? You can be the most beautiful person with a smoking hot body, be dull, boring, not so smart, or a real jerk! Why do we as a society focus so much on the body and looks? Yes I agree there has to be an attraction. I have talked to some guys that I wasn’t sure if I was or wasn’t attracted to, so I met them. After meeting some, they just weren’t for me, others I met a second and a third time, to try to see if something would grow or develop. Some over time and getting to know them, I would develop a connection and/or there would be qualities about them that would make them more attractive to me. I met one guy for dinner and we had a great time, yet I felt I was with an old friend and didn’t feel a love connection. I felt bad when we said good night. He text me the next day and so I asked him if he would like to go out again and he said he had a great time but had to be honest and didn’t feel a romantic connection. I told him I felt the same way, but very much enjoyed his company. We kept in touch for a while and it was nice to have someone to talk to. But at least he agreed to meet me and we had a nice time. Why are we so suspicious of people? Is it because there are so many scammers, married people, people in a relationship, people just looking for a hook up, etc on the dating sites? I have said to my friend many times, I would love to create a site that matches people up that actually go on blind dates or should I say blind meetings. I feel with all the dishonest people on the dating sites and in today’s world in general, that we have become jaded and right away treat the people we talk to or meet as if they have something to hide. We feel that if something feels to good to be true it usually is. I think we have to be cautiously optimistic, when we first meet someone. That statement is sad to me that this is how our world is today. I had a friend go on a meeting with a woman  he met online and she wanted his last name, references and background check. She was very reluctant to share information with him, so it was very difficult to get to know her with her not wanting to share with him. She also wanted him to leave first, so she was sure he would not follow her. Now one can say is she a weirdo? Has she just had one or more bad experiences and being overly cautious? How are we to know? My friends and I have a security question to ask each other that only we know the answer. This I have also done with my kids, as anyone can take your phone and say “I am ok” but if you ask a question that only the two of you know the answer to, then you know for sure it is the person answering and they are safe. So we have become a society of people suspicious of everyone and everything and that to me is sad. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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