Our kid(s) should always be first!

There are those parents that pay child support, pick up their kid(s) according to the custody agreement, but don’t do anything they aren’t ask, told or ordered to do? Just because your kid(s) don’t live with you, that doesn’t mean you can’t call or text your kid(s) every morning and say have a great day! Text them and ask them how their day was! Call them to say goodnight and tell them you love them! It doesn’t mean that you can’t ask to see them during the week for coffee or dinner! Should you feel that if the parent who has the kid(s) just about 24/7, asks for something outside the custody agreement, that they can’t handle being a parent? You need to remember your kid(s) did not ask to be born and did not ask for this divorce. You should not look at it, that if you take your kid(s) to dinner, coffee or for a weekend, other than your scheduled time with them, as doing something for your ex spouse, you should look at it as spending precious time with your kid(s). You are not hurting your ex by refusing to do anything outside the custody agreement, as your kid(s) and you are the ones getting hurt, as you are both missing out on time with each other, time you can never get back. Take your kids for two weeks straight, get them up and ready for school every morning, their lunches ready, along with getting yourself ready for work. Juggle taking them to their friends, school activities, homework, etc., along with the fighting and mood swings. Then at the end of the two weeks, see if you don’t need a break, some quiet time and if you are not just physically, but mentally exhausted. Then remember that is what your ex deals with year round. Then there is the parent(s) that pays their child support, but almost doesn’t exist or are absent from their kid(s) lives, as they feel it is their time to be happy and have a life. I say to those parents, your kid(s) deserve both parents in their lives and again I repeat, they didn’t ask to be born or for the divorce. I also ask those parents, what about your kid(s) happiness? What happen to putting your kid(s) first? How disappointed do you think your kids are ever time you aren’t there for them? How do you think it makes your kid(s) feel when they hear that you are out partying, taking your newest significant other out to dinner, on vacations, and not just spending time with them but their kid(s)?  Yet, you don’t find the time or the money to do these things with your own kid(s)! Yes that’s right, it’s not that you can’t, you choose not to find the time or the money for your kid(s). Some day you will call your kid(s) and wonder why they don’t have the time for you. You will realize you missed out on birthdays, graduations, prom and all the special moments in their lives, both big and small. Or maybe you will leave this world sooner than you thought you would, think about how that will affect your kid(s). Will they feel guilty for the choices that you made? Will you ruin them? Will this haunt them for the rest of their lives? Maybe you as a parent have to stop being so selfish and worrying about yourself and your happiness and worry about the precious little life or lives that you brought into this world and their happiness. Maybe you need to put your anger or whatever issues you have towards your ex aside and worry about how it will make your kid(s) happy to see their other parent more, rather than less. It doesn’t matter how old they are, they still are your children and will still always need and want their parent(s) in their lives. Make your kid(s) number one, not yourself, not another person, but that precious life or lives you created!  PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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