Take a chance…

We send message after message to a person who’s not only picture but profile catches our attention. We see that they have clicked on our profile, yet they don’t write back. Then finally someone writes to us, we exchange emails, phone numbers and finally we meet. When we leave them we send a message that we had a nice time and it was nice to meet them. We wait for them to text back and then either nothing or they reply they had a nice time but didn’t feel the connection. Disappointment and rejection, yet again, but at least they let you know and didn’t keep you hanging and wondering. My friend did an experiment, he put up a picture of this guy with an amazing body and good looks, with the same exact profile as he had. The profile wasn’t up a minute and the messages were pouring in, with women that couldn’t wait to talk with and meet this guy. A lot of the women are the same women that didn’t answer his messages. He gave them his phone number and talk to them. He was himself on the phone and they want to meet him. They thought he was charming, funny and an all round nice guy. This makes him wonder, why didn’t they give the real him a chance, why didn’t they write back to him. Did they just base it off his picture? This to me is sad. I have had guys say to me when we met that I looked just like my picture. I myself have met guys that looked way better in person than in their pictures and I have also met some that looked nothing like their pictures. I then did my own experiment and put up a profile with no picture and I was shocked that I received ten messages in five minutes. These men were some men that I had written to and never answered me, yet here they were writing to a woman with no picture. (No this was not the profile with my blog link.) The strange part in all this is only one out of the ten asked for a picture. So I became depressed, as I wondered what the heck is wrong with me? Here these men were willing to talk to a woman that they had no idea what she looked like, willing to give her their number to text and talk, yet would not write back to me. How much rejection can one person take? I get so fed up with the online dating sites, as do my friends, both men and women, as they are so mentally draining, filled with scammers and people who aren’t who they say they are. Wouldn’t it be nice if the person that we wrote to would write back and tell us why they weren’t interested? Then you have to ask yourself, are you really ready to hear why? It’s bad enough they are rejecting us, but do we want to see it in black and white? I know there has to be a physical attraction, but really can we tell that from a photo or photos? Yes I get some people have a type, but why not think outside the box? Would you rather have nothing in common with your type of person or have a lot in common with someone who may be a little different then the type of person you normally go out with and see if there is an attraction there? Get to know the person behind the photo. I have talked to guys that had no picture and then right before we were going to meet they sent a picture and I wasn’t sure how I felt, as I really liked the person on the other end of the phone, but not sure how attracted I was to the person in the picture. I agreed to meet them so I did and some I was more attracted in person and others not so much. So the next time you receive a message, think about how many messages you sent out that went unanswered. Maybe think about answering that message instead of rejecting the person. What is the worse that can happen, you don’t hit it off and waste an hour emailing or on the phone with this person, instead of sitting on your couch all alone watching tv. I don’t think it is a waste of time, as some do, as I feel getting out there meeting different people, instead of sitting home all alone again. Get off the couch and live life, take chances and you never know, you might connect with someone and get off these horrible dating sites already. Also, don’t start to message someone and then never answer them again, weren’t we all raised with better manners than that? Send them a message and tell them something, anything, just don’t ignore them! PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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