What happen to human contact?

We all have heard the saying that actions speak louder than words. This is true in so many ways. When someone is truly interested in you they show it by their actions, some quicker than others. This makes me wonder why we settle or waste our time with those that by their lack of actions, send us a clear message, they are truly not interested. In today’s world of online and social media, I feel both men and women feel anyone is replaceable in a matter of seconds, by a click of a button. We look at a picture, read a couple of lines about someone and send a message. If they don’t answer within minutes, we seem to move on and start browsing the hundreds of profiles that the online dating sites are flooded with. We also, don’t take the time to truly get to know someone, by meeting them face to face and have a conversation with them. We would rather email or text them, than sit, talk and have an actual conversation with someone face to face. It seems no one wants to take the time, has the patience or the tolerance needed, to truly get to know a person. We have become a society of impersonal people who avoid personal human contact, when possible. If we don’t hear from someone we have met or started chatting with in a day or less, we are quick to discard them and move on to the next person. Online dating sites and social media has opened up a whole other world for meeting people, but maybe it has opened too big a world. I feel it has made both men and women superficial and to have unreal expectations of others and themselves. Some have an inflated opinion of themselves, as they think they look and are the same person they were in their twenties. It has also given some a false confidence of themselves, as they can be this suave, charismatic person via email, texting or on the phone, but not in person. There are some that are realistic and actually have a lower opinion of themselves, as this new world of online dating has many losing confidence in themselves. We all have busy lives and need to understand that others do too. Some are juggling, kids, work, family and hectic schedules. This brings me back to actions speak louder than words. If someone is truly interested into you, they will show it, but may not be every day, especially when you first meet someone. There are some that like to dive right in and see a person every day and there are others that like to take it slow. Some have younger children and some have grown children. All this factors into the amount of time they may or may not be able to spend with you. Just remember it takes two seconds to send a text, “have a great day”. We need to find the right person that works for us. We have to remember it’s just as difficult for men, as it is for women, in the dating world. This is 2017 and no longer does a woman have to wait for a man to ask to meet or for a date. I myself am a bit old fashion, but have no problem with writing to a man first or asking him to meet for a cup of coffee and conversation. I am a person that doesn’t believe in wasting endless hours and days, emailing, texting or talking on the phone, before meeting. Let’s meet in person sit down face to face look in each others eyes and have a conversation. If you waste a week or more emailing, texting and/or talking on the phone, before meeting and then when you meet there is not a connection, you have just wasted yours and their valuable time. We need to take action sooner than later. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS! 


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