Sexual chemistry….

Have you ever met someone and right away felt that sexual chemistry? Have you connected with them, felt so attracted to them and wanted to kiss them within minutes or hours of meeting them? You felt that instant sexual attraction and couldn’t wait to have them. Or have you met someone and didn’t feel much of a connection? Then over time, as you got to know them, found yourself becoming more and more attracted to them. Finding yourself fantasizing about them? I feel sexual chemistry can be instant or something that grows over time, the more you get to know someone. Sexual chemistry, I feel is important between a couple. I am not just talking about between the sheets. I feel foreplay and sexual attraction starts outside the bedroom. It starts with a text, a hug, a glass of wine and some conversation, over dinner, I feel it is everything that leads up to the actual act of sex. We need to connect on all levels of sex. Not to many want wham bam thank you man. We want affection, human contact, kissing, holding hands, cuddling, walking and talking, a romantic dinner and a movie, laughing together, etc. I want to sit across from that special someone and not just enjoy their company, but undress them with my eyes, imagine the things I want to do to him. I want to get chills when his hand touches mine, he slides his hand across my back or touches my shoulder. I want to feel like we are the only two people in the room, yet everyone is watching us and wondering why we are so happy. I want to stop and kiss him for no reason. When we get home or back to our room he slides his hand under the back of my hair, pulls me to him and gently, yet passionately kisses me. He isn’t in a hurry and takes his time kissing me. He slides his hand under the back of my shirt and I do the same to him. Our hands explore each others bodies, as we are kissing. Slowly our clothes come off and we make our way to the bedroom. We connect so much, that almost no words need to be spoken. When we are done we cuddle, exchange of few kisses, look into each others eyes and then fall asleep in each other’s arms. We wake throughout the night, the kissing and love-making starts again. Over time we not only enjoy each other’s company, laugh and cry together, are there for each other, enjoy spending time together, but explore our creative sexual sides. One night he books a room at a hotel with a bar. When we arrive I enter and check into the room and he goes to the bar. After I put everything in the room, I go to the bar and sit a couple of seats away from him and pretend not to know him. He sends me a drink, I go sit next to him and introduce myself with a name not mine, he then introduce me with a name that is not his. We chat as people at the bar are watching us. I then take the room key, slip it in his pocket and say to him “meet me in my room, I want to make sweet love to you all night”, tell him my room number and walk away. The people at the bar are all looking in shock, as I turn and walk out of the bar. He pays the bill, leaves the bar and heads to our room. Role play is one way to keep things fresh and exciting, but might not be for everyone. Some people are not into sex that much and that is fine, but then they need to find someone who has that in common with them. Just like if two people don’t have any interests in common outside of the bedroom, they wouldn’t be a good fit, if they don’t have the same sexual connection, they would not be a good fit. I know some people feel we shouldn’t put so much emphasis on sex, but intimacy is a big part of a relationship. Intimacy, like I said, starts outside the bedroom, in many different forms of affection. It may not be easy for some to have a conversation about sex with someone they have just met, but if this is your second time around, you deserve to not settle, be happy, get not just what you want, but what will make you happy.  Life is too short not to enjoy it and be happy. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


One thought on “Sexual chemistry….

  1. You write like I already know you. Without foreplay & intimacy you can’t have a good sexual relationship, once that’s established then you can have those “wham bam thank-you ma’am ” moments.


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