Sex – enjoy, feel good, explore…

Have you ever heard the phrase “Lady in the streets and freak in the sheets”? Some people are very private about their likes and dislikes, when it comes to sex. I feel what goes on between two consenting adults is no one’s business, unless they themselves, want to share with you. I myself, discovered, I had a very creative and wild side. With the right person, you can truly enjoy exploring and trying new things. There are very very few people, I have shared this side of myself with. I feel some would look at me differently and maybe even judge me. I am very much a lady, at work, with my family, almost all my friends and especially my children. Let’s be honest here, our family, our co-workers, almost all our friends and especially our children, do not want to envision us in that way. Yes, we all may joke at family gathering, with friends and maybe even co-workers, but just as we would not want to imagine them in that way, in our heads, they would not want to imagine us that way, in their heads. When I started on this journey to divorce, I was scared, a bit shy and really didn’t know this side of me existed. My first experience was when a guy asked me what I was wearing, I thought I can’t answer that. So I text a friend, who had already been out in the dating world, she told me to just enjoy and go with it. I did and I had my first sexting conversation, with a man. It felt good, as it wasn’t just what we would do, if he was there, but he also told me the things he liked about me, as a person. I quickly learned, which guys were just interested in sexting and nothing more. I would not get into sexting with someone, until after we had gone out several times. Then one guy asked me for a picture, I thought no way this guy is crazy. No I did not send him a picture, but when I was in a committed relationship, we would sext and send pictures. Him and I would try different things. One time we went to AC for a weekend, I bought Hershey’s dark chocolate bars, whip cream, something to spread the chocolate on with and a bowl to melt the chocolate in. I had him lay on the bed, his eyes closed, with nothing on. When the chocolate was cool enough, I spread it all over his stomach, chest, privates and inner thighs. Also, I sprayed some whip cream on top of the chocolate. Then I proceeded to lick and/or suck every bit of the chocolate and whip cream off him. It was messy, but very fun for both of us. After we were done, we took a bath together and cleaned each other off. Another time we went to the beach right before sunset. When we got there he opened the trunk, pulled out a cooler, a blanket and comforter. He had made sandwiches, brought drinks and candles. We went down to the very far end of the beach, where no one was. We laid out the comforter, sat down and ate our sandwiches. When we were done we cuddled up on the comforter, pulled the blanket over us and we made love, right there on the beach. It was amazing, with the sun setting and the sound of the waves. There is one thing I have not tried yet, but hear it is an amazing experience for a man and taste good for you. The grapefruit or orange blow job. You peel the fruit, take out the center, tell him to close his eyes, slide it over his penis, as you are giving him a blow job you slide the fruit up and down. It is supposed to feel like he is inside you, at the same time you are giving him a blow job. Some people are into toys, that has never been my thing, but would not rule out trying them, with the right person. I am willing to try almost anything once and if I like it, well of course, I would do it again. My creative and wild side, I hope to continue to explore, if I find the right person. Some people are very open about their sexcapades and others like myself like to keep that part, for the most part, private. Whatever you do, make sure you are doing it with the right person, you are both enjoying yourselves, each other and it makes you feel good. Life is too short not to enjoy it! PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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