Can you be too passionate? Part 1

I had started to talk to this guy back in January of 2012 and then like so many, he just stopped sending messages. Then in May 2013 I received an email from him. I explained to him that the guy I was dating for fifteen months, had died suddenly, the beginning of April and I was not interested. He explained that he lost his mother, the middle of April and was having a tough time. He asked me if we could continue to email, as he could use a friendly ear to listen. I agreed, as I am not one to say no to a person in need. We would email several times throughout the day. I found comfort in his emails, as we both had lost someone close to us in April. Then in June he asked if I wanted to meet him for a drink, just as a friend. I agreed and went to meet him right from work, one day. When I walked in the bar, I looked around and didn’t see anyone at the bar that looked like him. I was looking for a guy in glasses and there was not one at the bar. All of a sudden this guy waves to me and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, as he looked much better in person, then in his pictures. I went over to him, he gave me a hug, told me how sexy I looked and thanked me for meeting him. We talked, laughed and had great conversation. The hours flew by and we decided it was time to go home. He walked me out to my car. When we got to my car, he hugged me and then kissed me. I found myself kissing him back, but then pulled away. I told him that I had a nice time, but was not ready yet. He asked me for my phone number and then sent me a text saying “hello, when can I see you again?”. I smiled, said good night and he told me to text him when I got home. I headed home. When I got home I text him that I was home. He immediately text me back and asked when he could see me again. I tried not to commit to another meeting but he would not stop texting, until I committed to meet again, so I did. In the time between our last meeting and the next meeting, he would constantly text me. We met at the same place, as we had the first time. As soon as he saw me, he hugged me, told me again, how sexy I looked and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We ate at the bar. He had come directly from work and asked if I would be ok with going back to his apartment for a drink, so he could change out of his work clothes. I said “sure”, as the words came out of my mouth, I couldn’t believe that I had just agreed to go back to his place. He asked the bartender for the bill and told him “we need to get out of here and go back to my place, as we have some serious making out to do”. He paid the bill we left and I followed him back to his place……..Part 2 tomorrow…….PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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