Can you be to passionate? Part 3 (final) 

Part 3….The next time we met he invited me over to his place for brunch on a Sunday. When I arrived, it was clear I was on the brunch menu. As soon as I walked in the door, he grabbed me and kissed me. He yet again reminded me to not be so passionate, but soft and gentle with him. We made our way to the bedroom and onto the bed. He asked if he could undress me slowly and admire every inch of my curvy body. As he undressed me, it was as if he was worshiping every part of my body. He made me feel so beautiful and sexy, all at the same time. When he was done undressing me, he then got undressed. After he was done undressing, he asked if he could start by going down on me and of course I agreed. He had the most amazing tongue and certainly knew how to use it. He was amazed at how many times I could come. He then worked his way up my stomach, to my breasts. He spent a lot of time with the girls, as he enjoyed how very large and beautiful they were. He then asked if I was ready for him to be inside me. I answered with a definite yes! He slowly went inside me and of course I began to move with him. He stopped and asked me to not move, which I thought was odd. He began again, I couldn’t help but move with him and he came right away. He was happy, as he claimed he has not been able to come with a woman, for a long time. He was disappointed however, as he lasted only a couple of minutes. We laid there cuddling and talking for about 30 minutes. He then began to kiss me, working his way down to my breasts and then went for a second round. This time he lasted and lasted, but was unable to come. He was disappointed and apologized. We laid there for awhile, with him apologizing over and over, as he felt he let me down. I actually felt uncomfortable, after awhile. I told him I needed to get home. I got up, dressed, thanked him for a nice time and left. I continued to talk to him, but felt we didn’t have that sexual connection. We are still in touch today, he continues to ask me to see him, but I keep telling him, it isn’t fair, as we are on different pages when it comes to the bedroom. I feel bad, as he is a sweet guy, but just not for me. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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