What if marriage licenses expired?

What if marriage licenses expired? What if you and your future spouse had to take a class and test before you could get a marriage licenses? You would have to take a class and test about finances, kids, careers, family, etc. Do you think this would help couples to talk to each other, about issues they may have not thought about, or were afraid to talked about, before marriage? I think some people are afraid to discuss certain issues before marriage, as to not hurt the others feelings. If you had to take a class, a test and there was a waiting period, it may help some couples to realize they don’t agree on some major topics. It would be at that point they would either compromise or end the relationship. It’s better to find out before you marry someone, then after. If there had to be a written marriage agreement between both parties, before you were married, it would make things easier, as it would have everything in black on white, how things would be handled, if the marriage license wasn’t renewed. Also, any changes to the couple’s finances, major purchases or investments, the written marriage agreement, would need to be amended. There would be no question how things would be split. If there were any children, there would automatically be joint custody, unless one of the parties didn’t want joint custody. There would be no need for a messy divorce. If there was a chance your partner could opt not to renew a marriage license, people may work harder at their marriage. There could be an option of a five or ten-year renewal, or you could still opt to go with a traditional non-expiration marriage. I don’t think anyone enters into a marriage thinking it will end, but let’s face it, divorce is on the rise. People that may say they are opposed to a renewable marriage license, are probably the same people who are just existing in their own marriage or cheating. So many people are cheating or staying because it’s easier, yet maybe if your spouse knew you could walk away when your license was up for renewal, they would try harder. I know some people say this would make it to easy to walk away, but I disagree, I think it would make people try harder to stay together. I would love to hear feedback on this subject. Thank you. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


2 thoughts on “What if marriage licenses expired?

  1. Great job love, amazing story and you tell it so well. For what it’s worth, you had me going. What a bunch of jerks. Idiots like that, only in America and in ferry tails. And in the end, you showed that fool, who is who. He certainly learned his lesson and got what he deserved, wouldn’t want to be in his shoes now, that’s for sure., LMAO….
    Jim …


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