Starting your life as your children are theirs

You find yourself sitting home more and more, as your young adult children you have raised are now forming their own lives. You start to realize you are tired of sitting home and start going out with friends, more and more and maybe even start to date. Your children don’t seem to like this, as you have always been home, at their beck and call and now you are not. Your young adult children need to realize that as they get older and form their own lives, their parent(s) need to get on with their life and not sit around all alone, while they are out having fun. Soon they will be around less and less, that leaves the parent(s) sitting home all alone. Do they expect us to sit around taking in stray cats and/or dogs and to be all alone? They need to not be so selfish and realize their parent(s) gave so much of their time and themselves, while they were growing up and now it’s time for them to have a life and fun. This sometimes is hard for the young adult children, as they are used to the parent being there whenever and for whatever they needed. This is also hard on the parent, as they feel guilty when they are out and their child(ren) need them. It is especially difficult and frustrating when the child or children have another parent they can ask, but don’t or that parent chooses not to help out. Sometimes the other parent feels they aren’t going to help the primary parent out, but they aren’t helping the primary parent they are hurting the children, when they do this. This is why they become to rely solely on the primary parent and have given up on asking the other parent to do anything for them. To me this is sad, as I have said before, the children didn’t want or ask for the divorce and therefore, both parents should be as involved as they can, in the children’s lives. Our children grow up in the blink of an eye and we should cherish every moment of it. Our children also need to realize that their parents deserve to be happy too. I know it can’t be easy for the children to see their parent(s), with someone else. It may not be all that easy for the parent either to move on, but they know they deserve to be happy again and have a life of their own. I would not trade one minute with my children and do not regret for one second everything and anything I have done for them. My children will always come first, no matter how old they are! I would never be with someone who didn’t understand me putting my children first or that didn’t put their children first! So it may be hard for my children to accept me being with another person and forming my own life, but I think we have a pretty open and great relationship and we will work through it. There are times we have not agreed, but in the end we talk it out and sometimes agree to disagree! So children you need to realize your parent(s), deserve to move on and be happy, as much as you deserve to form your own life and be happy. Again, communication is key and I encourage both children and parents to always keep the lines of communication open and don’t make your children feel that they can’t come to you and talk about anything and everything. You will not always agree, but should be able to come to a compromise or agree to disagree. Everyone deserves happiness and a happy life. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BLOG AND YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED WHEN THERE IS A NEW POST. THANKS!


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