Recharge you mind and body

A evening mini vacation at the Holiday Inn…sometimes you just need to recharge your battery but can’t go away so a night at the local Holiday Inn may be just what you need to forget your troubles, recharge your battery and forget the world for a while. You check in and and go to your room. You take a shower, freshen up, get dressed and head to the bar. You sit down at the bar and pretend you are on a business trip. A guy at the bar sends you a drink, you go sit next to him and introduce yourself. You both decide to go into the restaurant and have dinner. You enjoy a great dinner with great conversation and lots of laughs. You slip your shoe off during dinner and gently massage his crotch with your foot. He places his hand on your knee, then gently slides it up your leg, under your dress, where he discovers you are pantie free. After dinner you two head back to your room. Even though you know each other, the people sitting at the bar thought you just met. The people at the bar watched the two of you go into the restaurant and then leave together towards the rooms. It added a thrill and excitement to the night. Once you get to the room he needs to shower, after his long day. You wait until the shower starts and he is in the shower. You then slip into the shower and join him. You wash each other, massaging each part of each other’s bodies. He then begins to wash your hair. It is so relaxing, his hands are so soft through your hair, you could fall asleep right there in the shower. When he’s done he begins to kiss your neck, and massage your breasts from behind. You turn and kiss him so passionately. He then whispers in your ear that he wants you and must have you. He makes sweet love to you right there in the shower. You guys leave the shower and make your way to the bed. He tells you to flip over on your stomach. He then starts massaging your feet and works his way up your body. Once he gets to your neck he then begins to gently kiss your neck. He flips you over and makes sweet love to you over and over again. You then fall asleep in each other’s arms. You wake up in the early morning hours to him kissing you. He again makes sweet love to you and then invites you to take a shower with him. After the shower you both don’t want to, but need to get dressed and ready for work. He thanks you for a night of wonderful passion. He kisses you and you both say goodbye, until the next time.


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