Mother’s Day Blessings

On Mother’s Day we all count our blessings, our mothers or miss them, if they have passed. For those that are mothers, we either look at our little ones in amazement or reflect back on our children growing up and wonder where the time has gone. The grandmothers look at their precious grandchildren with joy. It is the day we honor all mothers, whether they were our mother by blood, adoption, took on the role of our mother or fathers that have taken on both the role of mother and father. On this Mother’s Day I looked back on all that my children have been through in their lives, from my son being born premature and beating the odds, my daughter overcoming anxiety, to the both of them dealing with the divorce of their parents and all the ups and downs that went along with it. I have admitted, I didn’t always handle things well at times, but have always apologized to them and have and will always, put my children first, during this whole process. We have always had an open line of communication, even if in the end we don’t agree, they know they can come to me, speak their minds and talk about anything and everything. I may have tried to hard, at times,  to resolve an issue, but it’s only because, like most parents, I can’t stand to see my children get hurt or hurting. I would rather take the brunt of anger for trying to change a situation for them, so my children are no longer hurting. My children have been my rock, at times when I felt the whole world was against me. They have been their to wipe my tears, give me a hug, be by my side and tell me they are thankful for all that I do, as I have been for them also. We have had our ups and downs, like any parent child relationship. They are amazing kids, but still kids. They still leave the dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, don’t clean up after cooking or making a mess, etc. They also will drive me crazy, as with any teens/young adults, plans change all the time and they assume you will change with them. I will admit, I get frustrated at times, as when plans change for them, it means my plans change or are cancelled. I have cancelled dates, plans with friends, left as soon as I arrived somewhere or sat home waiting all night. It may sound like I am complaining and yes a small part of me is, but I would never trade this for anything. I love my kids with all my heart, they truly are a blessing! I want to thank my children for being my rock at times. This divorce has not been easy for me, but most importantly it has not been easy for them. We have all learned along the way, as none of us had ever gone through this before. Some people have told me I do too much for my children, but I would rather be accused of doing too much than too little. So this Mother’s Day I am thankful for my mother, two grandmothers and other women in my life, that taught me to be the strong woman I am today and for the two greatest blessing God has given me, my two children.


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