Enjoy the quality of time, not the quantity

Sometimes you meet someone and connect, but the only drawback is the time they can give you is limited. They can sneak away for an early morning and a late night walk, a late dinner, a late night drink, a quick afternoon lunch, etc. You list their positives and negatives and discover their positives, outweigh their negatives. You have met some in the past, that could give you so much time and either you don’t connect with them, their negatives outweigh their positives, they don’t make the time for you or their actions don’t show they care. I always say it’s not about quantity, but quality. In the last couple of days, they made the time to enjoy a late night walk along the ocean, a late dinner and was in touch here and there throughout the day. This was all done while spending quality time with their children this weekend. First, by being in touch, it showed me I was on their mind. Second, by making some time for me, without taking away their quality time, with their children, it showed me their children come first. Where there is a will, there is a way and actions speak louder than words. Our time together was short, but in that time their actions showed me how much they truly care about me. When someone cares they will show it. I have found that an hour with the right person is way better than eight hours with the wrong person. Most of us have been through an unhappy marriage, whether it was the two of you stopped communicating, having sex, no longer affectionate, grew apart or just plain unhappy. Why would you ever want to be in another relationship again, where you were more unhappy than happy? So when you meet someone who you connect with, enjoy their company, laugh together, etc., don’t look at how much time they can give you, but the quality of time they give you! A person who doesn’t have a lot of time, but makes time for you, is better than someone who has the time and doesn’t make time for you. You might come after their children, family and sometimes their job, but as long as you are one of their priorities, you will always know it. You will not doubt their feelings or that they care about you.   


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