It isn’t easy raising teenagers alone, I was so stressed, wondered if I was doing it right, especially since I was constantly being told by some people I was wrong how I was doing things, after the divorce. Well my daughter has been facing her social anxiety fears at College, volunteering, working, going outside her comfort zone and really doing amazing. I found out yesterday that my daughter, who I was already so proud of, made the Deans Honor list. I am beyond proud of her! This for me tells me I did one great job with my children and I am truly blessed to have two amazing children! I am living all alone these days while she is at school. Well not all alone, I have my two dogs lol My son comes by and he also is so amazing! He does so much for me and I know when he becomes a dad in May he will be one amazing dad, as I raised him to be!


AMAZING 2018!!!

Taking a break for a bit…Hope everyone has a happy, healthy New Year filled with amazing people and things, health happiness and love!!!

The Book

So many people have told me that I need to write a book and I have started and stopped, started and stopped one, last night I wrote and wrote….I hope by the end of 2018 to have it published……look for it….

Reflecting on the past year…

As Christmas approaches and the year comes to an end, I reflect back on the past year. I am so thankful for my children, they drive me crazy at times, but make me so proud every single day, to be their mother! I have family and friends that we have had our ups and downs, but through it all they are there for me and I am there for them. I have said good bye to some and some have said good bye to me, this year. I truly believe everyone comes into our lives for a reason, so whether they are still in my life or have walked away, I am still thankful for every single one of them. Some good byes break your heart, but sometimes it’s better to say good bye and move on. Some good byes you didn’t want, but for some reason they did. The holidays are tough, especially when you are alone. I am a very independent person, but do like having that special friend. I love my kids with all my heart, but as they get older, are molding their own lives, I am grateful for my friends and family, but also enjoy my alone time. I am hoping this year brings all my family, friends, but most of all, my children, health, happiness and great things. I will be receiving the most precious gift of all in 2018, my first grandchild, a little baby girl. I pray she will be healthy and happy always.

I wish everyone a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or whatever holiday you celebrate. Also a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!


I would love for you to contact me!!! Don’t be a coward go ahead contact me ask me anything and I will tell you the truth!!! Read carefully!!!! You are pathetic!!! I am done as I will no longer sensor my posts!!! Move on or accept it!!! How about not reading my blog!!! And thanks for the compliment that your life is so pathetic that you have to stalk me! I can’t help it if you can’t make someone happy!!! Move on or accept the way things are!!! Watch for Mr. Incredible ;)))))

What do you want?

So to my readers and if you leave a comment I will not have any info on you….please leave what you want to hear or have me write about….thank you….

A guardian angel

A guardian angel was made especially for you

To give you the strength to get through

Her wings to comfort you day and night

Her wings were made to hug you so very tight

She was made to help you each and every day

No matter if you are home, work or at play

She was made to remind you so many love you so

She was made to comfort you at times when you are feeling low

She is as special as you are

She like you shines as bright as a star

© 2014 Teri Fitzgerald