Simple Amazing….

As soon as I saw him walk in my door I was immediately arroused. As his lips touch mine with a gentle and sweet kiss I was turned on and I wanted to take him right there. His blue eyes, his sweet smile, his cute ass and his whole body. We made our way to dinner and all I could think of as I looked into his eyes is how much I wanted to kiss him, touch him and all the things o wanted to do to him. As soon as we return back to my place I couldn’t wait to take his clothes off and him mine. He kissed me so passionately, so sweetly and so tender. His hands roaming, feeling every inch of my body, learning what areas really get me going. We collapse to the bed and he takes his time, so soft and gentle careful to hit every inch of my body before making sweet and amazing love to me. He looks so intensely in my eyes as he explodes inside me, as he waited until he had completely satisfied me, before he did. We collapse in each other’s arms and lay intertwined into each other and he kisses my forehead with a gentle kiss and says good night. We fall asleep intertwined, as if we are one. He wakes me the next morning by gently kissing my neck, then makes his way to my lips. His kisses are passionate and amazing. After another amazing session of love making we make our way downstairs to the shower. We begin by lathering each other making sure all parts are thoroughly clean. Then I begin to rinse off and as the water is streaming down my face he begins kissing me again. He then asks me to bend over and takes me from behind. I did and he did as the water streamed down on us. What an amazing feeling. When his done he pulls me under the shower water with him and kisses me once again so passionately. What an amazing way to start your day….


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Always enjoyable and always amazing

It is so nice to be with someone having no pressure, no stress and enjoying every minute of their company. It’s so nice to get ready to go out and be very completely relaxed, as you know no matter where you go or what you do, you will have a good time and enjoy yourself. Again this week, Mr. Amazing and I had another amazing night out. From the moment he arrived, until the moment he left the next morning, every minute was so nice, relaxing and stress free. When he arrived I greeted him at the door with a kiss. We walked to the restaurant. I enjoyed the walk and conversation, as we walked there. When we arrived, we decided to sit at the bar. We chatted about our day, our past week, our children, life in general and anything and everything. We talked for a while before we even place our order. We then placed our order and played the trivia game at the bar. We were laughing, talking and very much, as always, enjoying each others company. He works so hard and such long hours, I so appreciated that the took time out of his busy life and schedule, to spend time with me.

When we were done eating and playing trivia, he leaned over and asked if I was ready to go home. I of course was, but not before we did, what has started to become a tradition with us, doing a shot of Jamison, before we left. We walked back to my house, it was a beautiful night. Again, I very much enjoyed the walk, the conversation and the company.

When we arrived back at my house, we grabbed some water and headed upstairs to my bedroom. He came up behind me and gently moved my hair aside and began softly kissing my neck. He then worked his way down to my shoulder and then down my arm. He took my dress off, then my bra and told me to lay down on the bed. We had made a bet on a football game and he lost. He had to give me one hour of oral pleasure. He undressed, as I laid down on the bed. He laid on top of me at first and began kissing me, he is an amazing kisser and I very much enjoy kissing him. We then made love and as always, he was so amazing. He makes love, so passionately, I lose control and enjoy every amazing minute of it. After we made love he began to pay his debt, he made me come so many times and had me screaming with pleasure. We kissed, enjoyed tasting each other, making love and then cuddled together and fell asleep. I laid there and first not wanting to fall asleep, as when I woke the night would be over and I didn’t want it to end.

In the morning we both woke before our alarms, it was so nice, as always, waking up next to him. We began to kiss, taste each other and make love all over again. It was so amazing, as always. In the morning, we needed to be quiet, as my adult son was home now and sleeping in the next room. I had to put a pillow over my mouth and really stop myself from screaming, which isn’t easy, as he is so amazing, I have so many orgasms with him. After our morning round of amazing and before he left, I laid there with my head on his chest, stroking his chest. I love laying there in his arms, stroking his body. I love the feel of his hands, like butter, gliding across my body.

It was time for him to leave for work, so I walked him to the door, kissed him goodbye, watched him get in his car and pull away. Even though I was sad to see him leave, I had the biggest smile on my face, as yet again I not only had the most amazing sex, but enjoyed the most amazing night, with an amazing guy. We don’t see each other a lot, but when we do, it is so enjoyable, relaxing and amazing time, both in and out of the bedroom. Yes does a part of me wish it was more often, of course, but I would rather spend an amazing night every once in awhile, then many average nights.

It is so nice to be in the company of someone you enjoy, that makes you laugh, you have a great time with, have amazing sex with and is a pleasure falling asleep and waking up with. Some people may think this isn’t for them, but for me, it works in my life right now. I am enjoying the time I spend with this amazing guy, when our busy schedules allow and while it lasts.

Science doesn’t lie

As we get older, whether we are men or women, we go through changes. Some physical changes, some mental changes, some financial changes, etc., but for some their sexual habits and/or desires change. Everything may not work the way it once did, as we get older. Some may have to take a pill, use lubricate, and/or toys, to achieve the same sexual satisfaction they once had.

I recently experienced almost total dryness and had to use lubricate, for the first time ever. I started seeing a guy and when we got to the point of intimacy, I could not achieve enough wetness, with him, it made the sex very uncomfortable and unenjoyable. The lubricate helped, but still wasn’t enough.

After my weekend with him, I spoke with a friend and she said she had started the same issue with her husband and they had to turn to lubricates, to make it pleasurable for her. She said her sex drive was still the same, but she could not achieve the same wetness, she always was able to. After speaking with a couple of close friends, it seemed this was common, among women, as they went through or after menopause. I had a hysterectomy about sixteen years ago and went through an early menopause, due to the hysterectomy and never experienced this issue before. I was extremely disappointed, as I have a high sex drive and didn’t feel the lubricate was helping.

As you all know that follow my blog, I have experienced the most amazing sex, with one man and he offered in the interest of science, to see if this truly was an issue for me or it was the partner. He could not believe I could ever have an issue, as he knows I would get extremely soaked, more so with him, than anyone else.

I agreed to his offer and we made a plan to go to dinner and then come back to my place and see if it was me or the partner. Dinner was amazing as always, as we always have a great time, great conversation and very much enjoy each other’s company, outside the bedroom, as well as inside the bedroom. After dinner we went to the bar, enjoyed the band that was playing and a drink and then he leaned over and said “do you want to go back to your place and make love?” I of course said yes. He paid the bill and we headed back to my place. I was a little nervous, as sex with him was always amazing, as he is an amazing lover, but was worried it would not be, if I could not achieve the wetness with him, also.

When we arrived back at my place we went upstairs to my bedroom and immediately begin to kiss and undress. I was wet just from the thought of him and as he began kissing me and undressing me, I became soaked. We made love for over two hours, it was amazing, as always and I was so soaked it was running down my leg. We fell asleep and woke up and made love again for another two hours or more. It was so amazing and again I had no issue getting wet. He actually said he could have used scuba gear I was so wet.

I can’t explain why with the other partner I could only achieve little to no wetness, but maybe Mr. Amazing, has spoiled me, with the most amazing sex, that any other does not satisfy me.

As I went to sleep last night, I laid on the pillows he used, I could smell him still in the room and on the pillows. I found myself wet, just by the thought of him and how amazing sex with him is. He would like to christen each room in my house and I personally can not wait.

When you have had the best, it can’t compare to the rest! This could be the reason I could only achieve little to no wetness, with anyone else now. We both seem to come so many times, when we are together. When I told him how amazing he was, he said it takes two and we are amazing together. I agree some people just connect sexually and some don’t and when you have the most amazing sex, with the most amazing lover, others don’t seem to compare or satisfy. Science doesn’t lie people!

Are people really unhappy or afraid to tell the truth?

Why is it that you hear over and over again from friends, family or people in general, how truly unhappy they are in their current relationship. You are there to listen to them complain, cry on your shoulder for break up after break up, yet they continue to run back to that person, time after time. Meanwhile, they tell you how wonderful you are, great friend, always there for them and they can’t understand how come you haven’t been able to find someone, as anyone would be so lucky to have you. You begin to wonder, what am I doing wrong? The people they are with are either moody, bitchy, demanding, make them feel worthless, make them feel guilty, withhold sex or all these things. Makes you wonder if this is what people want and if you should become like them, then maybe you would become more desirable. They say they are unhappy and are constantly complaining, yet they keep going back for more. It makes you wonder if these people are afraid to leave the person and be alone. You wonder if they are afraid of never finding another person that wants to be with them. If they don’t see themselves as desirable, to others. Has that person become a habit to them? You also wonder if you are getting the whole truth, as you are only hearing their side and not the other person’s side. You wonder if they are telling you these things, so you will boost their ego and tell them how amazing they are and that the person they are with should count themselves lucky to have them. So I wonder do people like being unhappy? Do they like feeling worthless? Do they like the drama of fight after fight? Is this a turn on for them? Do they have that low a self-esteem? Or are they telling you fabricated fairy tales, so you will feel sorry for them? It is the same with the people who’s online dating profile says they can’t wait to meet that someone special and get off the site. Here you are going on date after date and even make a connections, but can’t get someone who wants to see you on a regular basis, or even a second date, as they are content with a phone or texting relationship. You meet, have a connection, great time, talk for hours on the phone, even go on several dates, yet they are still fishing for a better fish. It makes me think that honest and true people are hard to come by and are the minority these days. So are people afraid of telling the truth? Afraid of being hurt? Afraid of being alone? Or just all around afraid? I have said this before, I did this once and will never settle again. We all deserve to be happy and I would rather be alone and unhappy than with someone and be miserable. Staying with someone you are unhappy with is not just unfair to you, but unfair to the person you are with.

Remembering, yet trying to forget that someone special

Sometimes at night I close my eyes and I can smell you

Sometimes as I lay there I can also taste you too

I can feel your soft fingers caressing my body and skin

I can remember how your lips tasted in each kiss

I can feel the place you took me to of bliss

I can feel the sheer place of beyond fulfillment of pleasure

It’s a place where time can’t be measured

It’s a place that’s beyond anything you can dream

It’s like a fire running through your bloodstream

It’s not the quantity but the quality of the extreme

It’s a blend of two bodies that create amazing steam

It’s a pleasure you can never get enough

As when they are near all it takes is a touch

The steam flies and it’s some amazing hot stuff

It’s hard to forget when you have a memory of an amazing night or nights with someone and you two really connected. You can’t seem to get them or that night(s) out of your head. You wish it was something that happened more, yet know it probably will not. You compare them to all others, which you know isn’t fair, but you can’t help it. When you have been taken to a place of sheer pleasure, something that was more amazing than you could ever have dreamed or imagined, it is difficult to be with another. With them, it is not just the sex, but the conversation, the way they look at you, smile at you, laugh with you and their affection towards you. It seems although you know it’s probably nothing more than a fantasy, you can’t seem to let it go. At night when you are laying there trying to sleep, you close your eyes and you can smell them. You can see their smile, their eyes, hear their laugh and feel their touch on your skin. When you meet someone new, there it is, it pops into your head. When you kiss someone else, for a moment you forget all about them and then at the end of the night, you have a slight feeling of disappointment, even though you had a good time, because you are thinking of them. You wish there was a switch to turn this memory off. I know I always say life is too short not to take a chance and do what makes you happy, but it also is too short to wait around for something that may never happen. I have grown so much in this process, that I know what I like, dislike, what I wish for and want in life. Sometimes I do feel that people and this person don’t understand and appreciate me completely. I also feel that maybe they don’t accept me for who I am. I want to be the woman a man wants, loves and needs, not a woman who needs a man. I struggle with this memory I have, of this amazing person and the great times we shared. I feel that deep down, when I meet the right person, they will make me pack that memory away and I will finally find true happiness and love again.

Take a chance

I also write poetry…..

If you open yourself up to love, you open yourself up to pain

Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it all goes down the drain

Sometimes you just have to take a chance and dance in the rain

Sometimes you have to break down your wall and break all the chains

As maybe this time it will be amazing and not lame

For once, just don’t think and live life in the fast lane

Maybe just maybe, this time you will find love again
We have all opened our hearts to love and been hurt. Some of us more than once, maybe many times. Some relationships, ended well, some we have walked away from learning something and some were fun while they lasted. Some relationships started out good, but turned bad over time, some we stayed in way longer than we should have and others were nothing short of misery. All these relationships, good or bad, we walked away learning  something about ourselves, growing as a person and knowing what we do and don’t want in our next relationship. Whether we had good or bad relationships in the past, we need to just take a chance and try again. We need to try to remove any walls we may have put up from our past relationships, as not everyone is going to be like the people in our past relationships. We need to not think too much about our past, live in the moment and enjoy the present and not live in the past. Sometimes when we are looking for something to be wrong that isn’t there, what we have dies, instead of growing into something wonderful and beautiful. It’s not always easy to forget about the past, as some past relationships leave wounds. Those wounds, in turn leave us with scars. The scars people can’t see, are sometimes the hardest to cover up. We need to find a way to place the past behind and move forward. The next person you meet may be the right person, everything will connect and you will find love again. Life is too short to give up on love.