Go for what you want….

Sometimes as much as you want things to go back to the way they were, can they? I believe everyone changes in time, we grow, improve, priorities change and we move on. Sometimes people stay in the same job, situation, relationship, etc., because let’s face it, the unknown is scary. Starting anything new, is scary, but sometimes a good thing. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, we don’t succeed. When that happens it stinks, but we learn from the experience. I have learned life is to short, so now I take those chances, say how I feel, even though sometimes things don’t work out how I wanted them too. Sometimes they are better than they were before. Sometimes we just have to be patient and give something time. Not everything can happen when we want it to, but if we can be patient, it will be worth the wait. So say how you feel, take that job, go outside your comfort zone and you just may, in time, get what you want. And if you don’t get the outcome you want, at least you will not wonder what if. Life is to be enjoyed, as yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t here yet, but today is a present. If something is worth waiting for, then wait for it, as the saying goes “good things come to those that wait”. Just don’t sit around waiting your whole life for it. Go after what you want, as you deserve nothing but the best. Now I’m not saying stalk someone until they agree to go out with you, but within reason. So be happy, don’t live in unhappy, as no tomorrow is guaranteed! “Live Love laugh” and have amazing experiences!


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Cecilia’s Secret Side continued….

They left the room and headed down to the bar. When they got to the bar they talked, laughed and even for a moment stared into each other’s eyes. After a few drinks they headed to the restaurant. When they arrived their table wasn’t ready yet. He suggested a glass of wine while they waited. Once their table was ready they walked to their table, as always he had her sit first, as he was a true gentleman. Once she sat down, he sat right next to her. They started with an appetizer, he had suggested, as he had eaten there before, but she hadn’t. They talked and laughed some more. He seemed nervous, at first. He explained to her that she was the only person he had every reached out to and met, from online. He told her why he had, then laid his hand on her back, gently rubbed it up and down her back. When the waiter came to take their dinner order, they weren’t ready, as they were talking and hadn’t yet looked at the menu. He finally said to her that the waiter was staring at them, that they should look at the menus and decide what to order. He suggested two different dishes that they could share and she agreed. He waved the waiter over, ordered for both of them. The waiter suggested a wine, he agreed, then the waiter showed him the price and he said “that’s fine she’s worth every penny and nothing is to good for her”.

They chatted, ate, enjoyed the wine, him feeding her and her feeding him. He then excused himself and headed to the men’s room. She felt like a princess, as he was treating her like she was one. She had always imaged a date with him, but it was beyond anything she had ever imaged. He returned from the men’s room and she then said to him “it’s my turn, I’ll be right back”. She headed to the ladies room. When she entered the ladies room this young girl smiled and said “can I ask, are you on a first date?” Cecilia smiled and said “no we have been friends for a long time and we maybe crossing the friendship line tonight”. She said “can I tell you, my boyfriend and I are sitting across from the two of you, have been watching you two and even my boyfriend said the way he looks at you, he is so into you and he so wants you”. Cecilia was shocked by what this girl was saying, as she had several glasses of wine and wasn’t sure she heard her right. She said to her, “what? Really?” And the young girl told Cecilia “listen girl, he is so into you, I think the whole restaurant can see that!”. She washed her hands, left the bathroom and headed back to the table. As she was walking back to the table, the young girl and her boyfriend gave her a wink and a thumbs up.

She sat back down at the table, he began to talk to her, yet she couldn’t hear what he was saying, as a combination of too much wine and what the young girl in the bathroom told her, had her looking at him in a different way. She wanted him, she has always wanted him, but she so wanted to say to him right there to take her back to the room, but the words couldn’t come out of her mouth. The bill came, he paid it and said to her “let’s get out of here and go for a walk”.

They left the restaurant and went for a walk, talked and laughed some more. They passed the bar where the band was playing and he turn to her and said “let’s dance”. They ordered a couple of drinks and then took to the dance floor. He was amazed how good she could dance. He leaned into her and whispered in her ear “if you move half as good in the bedroom, as you do on the dance floor, you just may give me a heart attack tonight”. She smiled, leaned into him and whispered in his ear “you have no idea what pleasure you are in for”. As she backed away she could see he was already aroused. They danced and drank for about an hour. He then leaned over and said “are you ready to go upstairs?” She downed her drink and said “absolutely!”.

They headed to the elevator, he pushed the button, the doors opened, they got in, he pressed their floor and the doors closed.


As the clouds roll in and cover the sun

It will be a cool and dreary day not a hot one

As the rain begins to slowly fall

The umbrellas will go up or cover will be sought by almost all

Some will enjoy the rain falling from the sky

They will look up as they close their eyes

They will let the rain fall upon their face

Some will even dance around with style and grace

As some take life as it comes all in stride

As some are just happy that they are alive

They enjoy every moment and soak it all in

They go through life not with a frown but with a grin

As it can all be here today and gone tomorrow

And they chose to live life with happiness not sorrow

© 2017 Teri Fitzgerald.

I can’t wait…

You to me seem so sweet, kind and caring

You seem to have so many qualities I find endearing

The details you have given are so many yet so few

I can’t wait to get to know all there is about you

I can’t wait to meet you and share a meal

I can’t wait to find out from you how a hug would feel

I hope when we meet you feel I am someone you would select

I hope when we meet you and I feel that we connect

If we do it would be nice to walk with you under the moon and stars

Talk and walk with you from here to mars

Maybe some day watch a sunset on the beach with you

A sun rise maybe some day, would be amazing too

© 2017 Teri Fitzgerald.