I told him he can’t take you….

I told God he can never take you away

I told him many need you here to stay

I told him your kids and family needed you too

I told him he can not make so many would be sad and blue

I told him he has taken to many close to me

I told him for so many you are the key

I told him so many would be lost without you

I told him for so many what you do

I told him how special you are

I told him as a person you are way above par

I told him down here is where you need to be

I told him for this I want his guarantee

I told him you are not just special to others but also me

© 2018 Teri Fitzgerald.


AMAZING 2018!!!

Taking a break for a bit…Hope everyone has a happy, healthy New Year filled with amazing people and things, health happiness and love!!!

We become the parents to our parents….

My mom took a fall two years ago and was laying on her bedroom floor for almost two days before someone found her, after not being able to reach her. She lives out of state. I hate to think what would have happened, as her organs started to shut down, if it would have been another day.

I flew there three times and she was in bad shape, was in and out of the hospital and rehab. Her health has not been the same and she has many health issues. She has sadly, I believe, given up. She doesn’t take her medicine, eat right or take care of herself. She stopped going out with friends, to her doctors, etc. My friend summed it up best I think “I think it is not reality to her. Like if the doc doesn’t tell me I’m sick than I’m not sick”. So I’m sure that could be her thinking. She will be moving in with one of my siblings, so her diet and medicine can be monitored. Her visit to the doctor, after her blood work, was not good 😦 He told her she can no longer live on her own or drive. There is no cure for the liver disease she has, all they can do is monitor it and make sure she takes the medication, to try and keep it under control, but sadly some day the toxins will take over her body and kill her.

My mother watched my step father and then her high school sweetheart, she reunited with after my step father passed, suffer and die from cancer. I’m sure this plays in my mother’s thinking, with her condition.

It’s hard being so far away from her, but I am planning a couple of long weekends, down to see her. It’s the parent/child circle of life. We are born and our parents take care of us and then at some point we become the parents to our parents and take care of them.

The Book

So many people have told me that I need to write a book and I have started and stopped, started and stopped one, last night I wrote and wrote….I hope by the end of 2018 to have it published……look for it….


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