Go for what you want….

Sometimes as much as you want things to go back to the way they were, can they? I believe everyone changes in time, we grow, improve, priorities change and we move on. Sometimes people stay in the same job, situation, relationship, etc., because let’s face it, the unknown is scary. Starting anything new, is scary, but sometimes a good thing. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, we don’t succeed. When that happens it stinks, but we learn from the experience. I have learned life is to short, so now I take those chances, say how I feel, even though sometimes things don’t work out how I wanted them too. Sometimes they are better than they were before. Sometimes we just have to be patient and give something time. Not everything can happen when we want it to, but if we can be patient, it will be worth the wait. So say how you feel, take that job, go outside your comfort zone and you just may, in time, get what you want. And if you don’t get the outcome you want, at least you will not wonder what if. Life is to be enjoyed, as yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t here yet, but today is a present. If something is worth waiting for, then wait for it, as the saying goes “good things come to those that wait”. Just don’t sit around waiting your whole life for it. Go after what you want, as you deserve nothing but the best. Now I’m not saying stalk someone until they agree to go out with you, but within reason. So be happy, don’t live in unhappy, as no tomorrow is guaranteed! “Live Love laugh” and have amazing experiences!


Podcasts 5 and 6….






I can’t wait…

You to me seem so sweet, kind and caring

You seem to have so many qualities I find endearing

The details you have given are so many yet so few

I can’t wait to get to know all there is about you

I can’t wait to meet you and share a meal

I can’t wait to find out from you how a hug would feel

I hope when we meet you feel I am someone you would select

I hope when we meet you and I feel that we connect

If we do it would be nice to walk with you under the moon and stars

Talk and walk with you from here to mars

Maybe some day watch a sunset on the beach with you

A sun rise maybe some day, would be amazing too

© 2017 Teri Fitzgerald.

Online dating….

Well I’m hitting the online dating sites again. I don’t know how I feel about a football or hockey game for a first date. I love sports and nothing beats a live game, but if the first date doesn’t go well, then you are with them for the several hours and the ride home could be horrible. The other option is dinner and a play in NYC, again great first date if you hit it off, but if you don’t then you are locked into several hours with this person. The up side is during the play you don’t have to talk. I very much prefer to meet for coffee and see if there is a connection first, but if their schedule doesn’t allow that, then do you go ahead and commit to a sporting event or night in the city or decline all together. Part of me says go ahead it’s a night out and make the best of it even if you don’t have a connection and part of me says wait until they have time for coffee. How I don’t like the online dating thing. Any thoughts anyone would like to share?