Make the most of each day….

I’m a little all over with this one, but I think you will get what I’m trying to say…..

I have said this many times, no tomorrow is guaranteed, so make every moment count, tell the people you love how you feel, forgive those that hurt you, don’t have any regrets, do what makes you happy. Live for today, forget yesterday it’s gone, don’t worry about tomorrow it hasn’t happened yet, but live for today, as it is the present. (I don’t know the exact quote or who said it sorry)

I watched four children, a husband, parents, sisters and many other love ones, say goodbye to their mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc., almost two weeks ago. Last year I said goodbye to a dear friend, who was like a brother. He was 44, he collapsed and died in front of his two young children. I have lost so many, way too soon. I am a person who was raised Catholic, always attended church, yet at times I have struggled, wondered why God would take such good people, yet let others still walk this earth. I wonder if it is his way of telling us to not hold grudges, let the little things go, tell the people we love that we love them, when we have the chance. Teach us to cherish every day, as we never know when it will be our love ones or our last day on this earth. To teach us to treat everyone and everything, as if it is.

They say when one life ends another begins. I wonder if that is true, as my son and his girlfriend told me they were expecting a child right after my uncle lost his battle to cancer. I know we are only on loan on this earth, but sadly some are here for a much shorter time than others. I try every day to live in the moment, as much as humanly possible, try to do the right thing by the people in my life, try not to have any regrets or to take any day for granted, it’s not always easy. I feel God will help guide us to be better people and to help others. I feel He doesn’t abandon us or hate us, if we mess up a little, as long as we learn from those missteps and try every day to be a better person.

So please try to remember to tell the people you love how you feel, hug your kids, your parents, loved ones and tell them you love them, treat people the way you want to be treated, cut toxic and drama filled people from your life and find what truly makes you happy in this life, as you only get one. Try not to waste what precious moments you have on this earth doing what doesn’t make you happy or with people that bring you unhappiness. They say life is short and sometimes some of us find out just how short it is, so live, love, enjoy and be happy.



It isn’t easy raising teenagers alone, I was so stressed, wondered if I was doing it right, especially since I was constantly being told by some people I was wrong how I was doing things, after the divorce. Well my daughter has been facing her social anxiety fears at College, volunteering, working, going outside her comfort zone and really doing amazing. I found out yesterday that my daughter, who I was already so proud of, made the Deans Honor list. I am beyond proud of her! This for me tells me I did one great job with my children and I am truly blessed to have two amazing children! I am living all alone these days while she is at school. Well not all alone, I have my two dogs lol My son comes by and he also is so amazing! He does so much for me and I know when he becomes a dad in May he will be one amazing dad, as I raised him to be!

A getaway

A get away to AC

A relaxing time hopefully

Some shopping during the day

Take time clear the cobwebs away

Enjoy a nice dinner and some romancing

Enjoy great music and some dancing

Try our luck at the slots

Have some drinks and shots

Return to the room when we are done

Enjoy each other and some bedroom fun

© 2018 Teri Fitzgerald

I want it to be you….

When I am down and feeling blue

I want you to be the one to ask what you can do

When I feel out of control with emotions

I want you to be the one there with devotion

When I need someone to lend me their ear

I want you to be the one to be there

When I need to vent I want you to be there for me

I want you to show me the future that I can’t see

When I need to be held and a hug

I want you to be the one to hold me so snug

I want you to not just be my lover but also my friend

I want you to be there for me from beginning to the end

When you need all the same

I want you to call out my name

© 2018 Teri Fitzgerald

Losing a loved one is never easy….

Wife, mother, and an all around amazing woman was taken today

God decided it was her time to be taken away

The cancer took over and now so many hearts are breaking

And you can’t help but question WHY she had to be taken

Today four children lost a mother….from now on they will celebrate their birthday, the holiday, Mother’s Day without their mother. She will miss milestones, she will miss grandchildren being born,. Some say she was given more time than others, but we are never prepared for death, never prepared to lose someone we love and it doesn’t matter how old they are a loss is a loss and it doesn’t mater how old or young we are, it hurts. There will not be a day that goes by you don’t think of that person. You never get over losing someone, you just get use to not getting over it. Cherish each day with your children, your parents and family and friends. Life sometimes isn’t fair and takes our loved ones to soon. Even if a loved one is suffering we don’t want them to suffer yet we don’t want to let them go. Life isn’t fair sometimes.