I want it to be you….

When I am down and feeling blue

I want you to be the one to ask what you can do

When I feel out of control with emotions

I want you to be the one there with devotion

When I need someone to lend me their ear

I want you to be the one to be there

When I need to vent I want you to be there for me

I want you to show me the future that I can’t see

When I need to be held and a hug

I want you to be the one to hold me so snug

I want you to not just be my lover but also my friend

I want you to be there for me from beginning to the end

When you need all the same

I want you to call out my name

© 2018 Teri Fitzgerald


Losing a loved one is never easy….

Wife, mother, and an all around amazing woman was taken today

God decided it was her time to be taken away

The cancer took over and now so many hearts are breaking

And you can’t help but question WHY she had to be taken

Today four children lost a mother….from now on they will celebrate their birthday, the holiday, Mother’s Day without their mother. She will miss milestones, she will miss grandchildren being born,. Some say she was given more time than others, but we are never prepared for death, never prepared to lose someone we love and it doesn’t matter how old they are a loss is a loss and it doesn’t mater how old or young we are, it hurts. There will not be a day that goes by you don’t think of that person. You never get over losing someone, you just get use to not getting over it. Cherish each day with your children, your parents and family and friends. Life sometimes isn’t fair and takes our loved ones to soon. Even if a loved one is suffering we don’t want them to suffer yet we don’t want to let them go. Life isn’t fair sometimes.

Cecilia’s Secret Side….

I have taken a break from posting and have been focusing on me and my book writing….I have vowed that this is the year I will finish at least one of my books I have started and I have been writing away and so excited, as I am limitless….sorry for the lack of posts but creative juices have been flowing and have to finish what I started….

AMAZING 2018!!!

Taking a break for a bit…Hope everyone has a happy, healthy New Year filled with amazing people and things, health happiness and love!!!

New Year New Start….

As the year comes to a close and a new one starts, its time for new starts! I started back to the gym, trying to eat as healthy as possible during the holidays and removing anything and anyone that causes stress in my life. I will be ringing in the new year with great people and for the first time, at a place other than mine or someone else’s home. I am looking forward to getting dressed up and dancing the night away! I no longer will allow people to make me feel bad for who I am, because who I am is amazing!