Like a storm out on the sea

I have so many emotions stirring inside me

I want to find someone to make me feel happy and alive

Someone to try new things take risks and just dive

Someone who adds excitement to my life every day

Someone that makes it so exciting every time we play

Someone that is an amazing lover and friend

Someone that when I need to talk an ear they will lend

Someone to stimulate my body and mind

Someone so amazing they are a rare find

Oh I wonder if there is someone for me

Oh I wonder if happiness is meant to be

© 2013 Teri Fitzgerald.


Recharge my body and mind….

A drive down towards the shore all alone

My troubles and my kids I left at home

A stop before I reach my destination place

It’s a time for me from my mind all my worries to erase

Then off to enjoy a night of relaxing and a great time

A chance for me to recharge my body and mind

A night filled with great company, good laughs and drinking

A night of no planning, expectations or even thinking

A night that would end in an amazing yet almost expected way

A way that was a wonderful ending to a fun filled day

In some ways was more then I was expecting I have to say

But the whole day and night was a delight in so many ways

© 2015 Teri Fitzgerald

A Blessing

Without you I would be lost at times

You have become a great friend of mine

You not only have been a shoulder to cry on

You have also been an ear to listen upon

You are always there for me

You have a heart as big as the sea

You have given me so much inspiration that at times I lost

You have given me sunshine when I had frost

You have so many qualities that are so endearing

You are someone who to all shows so much caring

You gave me hope when I thought there was none

You as a person are number one

You try to pick me up when I am down

You try to give me a smile when I have a frown

You have helped me in so many ways

You I am so grateful for everyday

For all you have done I could never repay

I count my blessings that we met and became friends

You are there for someone until the end

© 2017 Teri Fitzgerald.

I want…

When I am down and feeling blue

I want you to be the one to ask what you can do

When I feel out of control with emotions

I want you to be the one there with devotion

When I need someone to lend me their ear

I want you to be the one to be there

When I need to vent I want you to be there for me

I want you to show me the future that I can’t see

When I need to be held and a hug

I want you to be the one to hold me so snug

I want you to not just be my lover but also my friend

I want you to be there for me from beginning to the end

When you need all the same

I want you to call out my name

© 2017 Teri Fitzgerald.

Dear Friend

When I heard the news I could not breathe

I could not believe that you would leave

I said that the newspaper had lied

I would not believe that you could have died

I made a call to confirm what I had feared

And your aunt said it was true we had lost someone dear

When I went to say my good byes to you

I couldn’t handle seeing you laying there and out the door I flew

I couldn’t believe laying there was my best friend

I couldn’t believe your life had come to an end

I think of you and miss you every day

Especially the first of April and the eighth of May

I will see you again some day my friend

When my time on this earth does come to an end

I will hold you close in my heart until then

And enjoy each day I have been given from beginning to end

© 2013 Teri Fitzgerald.

Sweet surprise

Monday night I was just sitting there and I received a text that I wasn’t expecting. He said he could be to me a little after 5pm. He told me to leave my front door unlocked and that I should be waiting upstairs for him and I agreed.

At 5:23pm he text me to let him know when I was upstairs and ready for him to come in. About two minutes later I sent him a text that I was upstairs waiting for him. I heard the front door open and could hear him coming up the stairs. I was getting so aroused just by the thought of what he was going to do to me. Little did I know at the time, it would be so exciting. From the other side of the door, he told me to close my eyes before he came in. He came in the room, I could hear him undressing, then I could feel him over me. He sweetly and softly kissed me. He then undressed me one article of clothing at a time. He then told me to flip over and lay on my stomach. He gave me a great massage and then told me to flip over on my back. Then he softly and sweetly went across my neck, breasts, stomach and down my legs. He kissed me so soft and gently. He then teased every inch of me. When he was done he made sweet love to me, which was so great. He completely pleased every inch of me, I loved it and it made the sex even greater. After the first time, we laid there in each other’s arms. Next he began to eat me, I thought he would never come up for air. When he was done I could barely breathe. He asked if I enjoyed and I almost couldn’t speak, as I was exhausted from all the pleasing he had done to me. We then laid there, in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

He woke me up in the middle of the night and asked if it was ok if he stayed until the morning. I of course told him it was fine.

The next morning he woke me my gently kissing me. We got up, he got dressed and went downstairs and had some coffee. He apologized that he had to leave, but needed to go home and shower and change before heading to the office. I walked him to the door he hugged and kissed and thanked me for a great night.


I’m seem to have a stalker, well to that person I take it as a compliment and feel sorry for you that you have such a pathetic life you choose to stalk me….LMAO grow up!!! Move on!!!